Fostering Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Ramping Up Our Pro Bono Work

Each year, FTI Consulting identifies engagements where we can make a positive impact for individuals and organizations that otherwise may not have the resources to engage our experts. Since the launch of our pro bono program in 2016, our people have sourced pro bono projects largely through individual and segment-led efforts. 

Since 2016, FTI Consulting professionals have contributed more than $7.5 million in pro bono services to support a wide variety of charitable and community-based organizations across the world. In 2020, amid the global pandemic and widespread social unrest, we intensified our focus on ways that we can leverage the power of our greatest asset — our people — who champion equality and justice in the communities where we live and work.

Our Story

FTI Consulting set out to create a successful pro bono program powered by our people’s expertise and propelled by our firm’s global reach. Building on the great strides we made since 2016, our Executive Committee recognized we had the opportunity — and resources — to grow further. How? By investing in an enhanced pro bono program and sponsoring up to 35 hours of approved pro bono projects for every employee globally.

With a broader sponsorship commitment in place, the Executive Committee formed a Pro Bono Advisory Committee. Today, it comprises over 20 representatives from different segments, regions and levels across the firm. The mission of the Committee is to assist FTI Consulting in building a world-class program. Our aim is to advocate for a policy framework that encourages pro bono work, provides thought leadership on the direction of the program, and acts as a source of local support for pro bono efforts.

Our Impact

25 project briefs

Within a few short months, the Pro Bono Advisory Committee took in more than 25 project briefs from employees for potential pro bono engagements. They spanned several critical issues and important causes, as well as multi-segment assignments where we could leverage our diverse expertise to make a meaningful impact. A number of exciting pro bono initiatives kicked off in 2020. They range from combatting human rights violations and evaluating the economic and social impacts of COVID-19 on communities in need, to helping organizations extract valuable insights from key data on at-risk youth.

“Our practitioners are industry leaders and experts in their fields. Their unique skillsets give us the opportunity to create targeted impact for our communities and to implement generational changes in social systems that have inherently been unfair. Many of our firmwide projects are grassroots and started as nothing more than an idea from one individual. We are excited to put the full weight of our firm behind our efforts in the initiatives that matter most to our people.”

Curtis Lu
General Counsel

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